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Sade has a new album out. Mmhmm.

I’ve always been a big fan of hers but for the last month or so my love for her has been revived. I was listening to the old tunes and I even bought a mint-edition 1985 copy of “Promise” on vinyl, which I framed for my wall. Coincidentally, I found out she has a new album out, called “Soldier of Love”. Not only did this verify our psychic connection together, but it brought my admiration to a fever pitch.

The new tracks sound good, I will probably buy the album to support her. But nothing can really compare to the good vintage tracks of Sade – the smokey chanteuse who raised the bar on 90’s slow-jams with bangin’ bass lines. She’s also a major hottie, so I thought it would be apropos to feature a pictorial.

Starting out with a classic profile from the “Diamond Life” album – which features the unforgettable tune “Smooth Operator”. The video for that song is hilarious, Sade lounges around in soft-focus in a gambling den of gentleman with questionable intentions. This album also features an anthem for the underemployed, the motivational tune “When am I going to make a living”

When am I gonna make a living? / It’s gonna take a while before I give in /
See the people fussing and theiving. / While the sharks are wheeling and dealing / Gotta look up and tell yourself / there’s no end to what you can do / They’ll waste your body and soul if you allow them to / This is time to start believing in yourself /Put the blame on no-one else.

This record also featured other definitive tunes “Cherry Pie” (dirty and suggestive!) and “Frankie’s First Affair”. I could go on and on about this album, but let’s move on. Shall we?

This was from the “Love Deluxe” era – when her tune “No Ordinary Love” put her on the slow-jam hall of fame list. Remember those slow-jam compilations they sold on TV in 1999? Sade was the QUEEN of those! And the music video for No Ordinary Love certainly didn’t keep our imaginations dormant…it featured her in a mermaid costume at the bottom of the ocean crooning about the deep ache of sensuality. Oh girl.

This looks like it was taken during the “Stronger than Pride” era. Sade was laying down the hammer for love, one of her specialties. Whether your love is “the sweetest taboo” or “like a tattoo” the pain of love is real, but she’s willing to overcome it.

I won’t pretend that I intend to stop living / I won’t pretend I’m good at forgiving / But I can’t hate you, although I have tried / I still really really love you / Love is stronger than pride / Mm mm mm mm mm

It’s never easy – Love is a world of hurt. But when you’re Sade you just keep soldiering on.

The album drops today, people!!