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Thought it would be fun to compare the music of some similar artists. Purely with the intention of perpetuating my personal taste in music, and inciting people to post their rebuttals.

Black Keys versus the White Stripes– While the Black Keys have an arguably more textured sound, I’m going to have to go with Jack White on this one. Sure the White Stripes music feels a little “early millennium” now, but Jack White’s hooks are sick. Who of our generation will ever forget the “7 nation army” riff?? The early grungy hits “The Big Three killed my Baby” and the like are enshrined on the altar of late 90’s goodness…his themes remain clever and compelling.

Destroyer versus Devendra Banhart – I am a big fan of Destroyer. I would rather listen to Destroyer prance creepily around my living room shouting “the actor will seek revenge!” all day than hear Devendra’s sickly forced vibrato whimpering in my ear. I know a lot of people like Devendra and he’s been at the head of the “freak folk” movement, but Destroyer is more creative, more orchestral and vibrant. There is one sweet crooning song of Devendra’s that always put me in tears though – “The body breaks”.

Fiona Apple versus Regina Spektor – Hmm, Fiona the legend or Regina the novelty? I’m going to have to go with Fiona on this one. Not that I don’t give props to R-Spek – her style is cheeky and lyrics can be pretty good. But there is a honey rich ocean-deep thing that Fiona has going on, and it can’t be taken away by just any sweetheart with a piano. Sorry Regina. Keep up the good work tho.

Catpower versus Coco Rosie – god this one is hard. They are both so depressing. There are songs from both of these bands I really love, like early Catpower’s Nude as the News and some of the stuff from “You are Free”. But Chan Marshall’s music always made me want to do drugs – sedatives, specifically – and her famous anti-social stagic antics left me really curious, but cold. Coco Rosie, on the other hand, I saw a couple times live and they really did an amazing job. It’s hard to keep the audience engaged with slow-moving music like that but they were looping speak-n-spells and wearing weird costumes. They also did a cover of the R&B song “Turn me on” that was so haunting, I looked for a bootleg copy of them doing it for months on the internet. Oooh! Also, the girls from the band came down and hung out with the crowd afterwards, and this was at the peak of their popularity. So, purely based on live performance quality, I’m going to go with Coco Rosie on this one.

Well that was fun. I could go on and on like this, but no one’s paying me.

So what do you think? Who are the big players in the indie music war trenches?