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A cloudy day and dreaming of summer projects that would improve the life of my over-domesticated feline companion. Took a gander at the google and found these characters. Would you believe they’re selling pets in screens on ebay? Or perhaps they just modeling a fantastic summer-friendly product that improves the lives of pet owners everywhere?

Welcome to the handsome crew

Quick Nick

Quick Nick is a motley mud flapping shoe eater


Homer always knows how to make an entrance

Prudence Uneasy

Prudence was a child star as a kitten and resented taking this photo

Hairy coming thru the 5th dimension

George cautiously enters the 5th dimension after hearing the rustle of bird feathers

This is a really exciting development for my cat Leona. One door always leads to another and I know that installing a pet screen in my sliding door is really going to rock her world this summer! Updates to come.