Some anecdotes from Saturday Night’s dinner party. Granted, they don’t possess the same amount of luster or clarity they did in the moment they were told, but they are documented here for posterity.

Strain your brains friends, this one’s a Koan:

Scene: Joe Lieberman and Blanche Dubois, coifing their manes on the couch in her parents’ basement
He said: “I’m all alone, rolling a big donut, and there’s a snake wearing a vest”
She said: “I don’t care if your hands don’t work. Just use your dick like normal boyz”
And then...they came simultaneously all over each others faces.

Scene: Cookie Monster and Barbarella, repenting for blasphemy on the plane of hell reserved for betrayers
He said: “I can make my penis disappear by sorcery”
She said: “WTF happened to your penis?!”
And then…he ran away from her angry boyfriend and hopped a train to the Alamo.

Scene: Pope Benedict and Marlanda, “pounding that shit into oblivion” in an adult arcade in Tokyo.
He said: “Why is this so confusing?”
She said: “It’s not THAT kind of dream”
And then…they jumped into a compost pile and decomposed.

The End.