I’m sick of all these articles out about why Portland is so cool. They basically

amount to “eat at the food carts” and “go to Powell’s”. I had out-of-town guests the last two weekends in a row, and it’s got me thinking about the REAL reasons to come visit Portland. Reasons that I was completely clueless about until moving here. I moved here with a car full of crock-pots and space-heaters without ever so much as stepping foot in the Northwest. I didn’t even own a raincoat. But I’ve been schooled since then, friends. And let me tell you there are many reasons to live in Portland that are not getting enough press.

10 Real Reasons to be in PDX

some hippie street with good eats

1. The yin-yang existence between DIFM (Do it for me) and DIY (Do it yourself) culture. See, I’m more DIFM than DIY, but since other people are DIYing (clothes, backpacks, bicycles, beer). I don’t have to do it for myself. You can do it for me, locally, and I will buy it from you. Everyone wins.

2. You just found out your best friend from childhood moved here, as did your old boss, your favorite band, your uncle’s boyfriend, your cousin and your new best friend. You thought your dog ran away in college but it turns out even HE lives in Portland now.

3. Heated bar patios. ‘Nough said.

4. Cheaper than San Francisco. Your entertainment budget = “Donation only”

5. Charming regional activities such as getting stuck on a lifted bridge, on your bicycle, in the pouring rain.

6. Naked party people in the 24 hour hot springs @ Bagby, and pretty much everywhere else

7. Weed. Pure and simple. High-quality, med-grade, cheap. Abundant.

8. Can probably claim carbon credits just for living here

9. People are so friendly it’s a bit creepy, possibly a reason not to live here if you hate people. “Do I know that guy? Why did he hug me? Seriously, do I know that guy??”

10. Never drink the same beer twice.

That’s it. The Holy Commandments of PDX.